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Simple way to access CouchDB views using SQL


In order to send CouchDB data for Business Intelligence cubes of one of my costumers, I searched the Internet for Foreign Data Wrappers who perform this access in a simple and fast way.

I’ve quickly found only these options:

  1. couchdb_fdw [https://github.com/ZhengYang/couchdb_fdw]
  2. couch-to-postgres [https://github.com/sysadminmike/couch-to-postgres]

The first one, is a FDW written natively in C (which I thought a bit complicated and long time without maintenance)

And the second is not a FDW, it’s just a solution that replicates data (I think I don’t need my data duplicated, so I’ve discarded this option).

Without any valid options, i remembered a year ago, I had contact with the excellent Multicorn, which abstracts the creation of Foreign Data Wrappers using python.

So I decided to write one that fits to my needs, then I started the couch-fdw r [https://github.com/mdaparte/couch-fdw] repository  with a Foreign Data Wrapper written in python using the Multicorn.

Now, to perform SQL queries against CouchDB views (and therefore integrating with traditional ETL tools) was very simple as described below: (copied from the github repo)

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How to use js libs (like underscorejs) in your CouchDB views


Sometimes, in CouchDB you have to do some data manipulation in the map/reduce functions, that involves array manipulation, summing timestamps, grouping and so on.

But CouchDB doesn’t offer a native way to do that. So you have to code all by your bare hands, like this:

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